Interior Home Decor Trends To Kick Off The New Decade

2020 is finally here! After a decade of the same old furnishings and layout, now is the perfect time to update your living space. With a new decade comes new designs and ideas. What’s on-trend when in the home interior designs department? Think bold and vibrant accent walls, unexpected curves, floral wallpapers, colorful kitchen cabinets, benchettes, and art in the kitchen. Spring is approaching, why not give your home a refresh or a complete makeover? Try one of these projects for one weekend.


Pantone Color of the Year — Classic Blue


First off, let’s talk about the color that sets the tone for 2020. Classic Blue. Its hue radiates confidence, stability, royalty, and reassurance. This versatile color is gorgeous in tone and is equally masculine as it can be transformed into a rich, feminine hue.


While accent walls are nothing new, it certainly brings an element of current cool vibes when you paint it in the Pantone Color Of The Year. Create an accent wall with this color for an eye-popping statement. Adorn it with framed photos and mementos to create a visual storyboard of your life. For a more feminine and sophisticated look, opt for houseplants, fun vases in various shapes, and raffia/wooden elements.

Curves And Circular Furnishings

In 2020, “curvy” is the new look for furniture. Inspired by the shapes from the 60’s and 70’s, curved furniture is making a comeback. The unexpected lines create a sense of community with a modern twist. Try a large curved couch or loveseat by the fireplace or family room. This will bring your family and friends together in an unpredicted way.

Floral Wallpapers

Nothing screams femininity as much as floral wallpapers. Reminiscent of your grandmother’s home, floral walls can add an element of etherealism. Use this in a powder room or walk-in closet. To break up the light florals, decorate with dark furnishings for contrast. Add some brass or gold hardware for a modern look. Or, place some wooden finishes for a nature-inspired look.

Kitchen Cabinets With A Pop Of Color

Two-toned kitchens are in! So long all-white kitchens that are impossible to keep clean. These designs will bring warmth to your sanctuary. The kitchen is a place for gathering and a pop of color will certainly add to your memories. Opt for a jewel-toned shade to add depth and richness or go classic with dark bottoms and white tops. The contrast will make any kitchen pop!

Built-In Seating And Benchettes

Good thing they invented the breakfast nook. What better way to grab a quick bite before starting your day? If your home has an actual “nook”, select a bench for optimal seating. Otherwise, go with a bistro-style table and french chairs to complete the look. For the benchette, if you can add a few drawers, you will find yourself additional storage space. Just because it is in the kitchen doesn’t mean that it cannot have comfort. Toss in some pillows and throws for added coziness.

Kitchen Art

Art is universal and it isn’t just reserved for the living room or foyer–the kitchen definitely deserves some personality as well. After all, some of us spend a lot of time there. Utilize the top shelves for collected antiques and specialty kitchen items. Display your pretty china or entertaining items on open shelves to double as art.

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