What is it like to hire The Cal Agents to rent and manage your property?

Are you thinking about hiring a property manager to rent out your unit? How does it really work?


First, our property manager will schedule a time with you to visit your property for a free consultation.
During this visit, our property manager will go through and understand your property, your pain points, identify any work items that’s needed to get your unit ready to rent.


Once you decide to hire us, our property manager will send you an intake form to help you set up your ideal tenant profile, and details of your preferred vendors and bills to pay. Along with the notes from the first visit, our property manager will have a good idea of everything that is going on in your property.

After the management contract is signed, if any repair is needed, we will help coordinate with appropriate trades to get your unit ready.
As soon as it’s camera ready, we will send photographers to take professional photos and create 3D WALKINTOUR for your units.


Based on your specific property, our dedicated showing coordinator will tailor a showing schedule that best suits your prospective tenants’ viewing availability and host open houses. Some locations receive better turn out if the open houses are hosted during weekday lunchtime, others get more attention if showings are done over the weekends. We make sure your property receives the most exposure.


Once we receive a qualified application, we will verify applicants’ income, employment status, credit scores, eviction histories, and former landlord references.

Our staff is trained to identify false references and always go the extra mile to make sure your tenants are qualified. If an otherwise good applicant is not meeting one criteria, we always defer it back to you for a case-by-case decision.


Once you approve the applicants, we will draft the lease and disclosures for tenants’ signature. Our 90+ pages of lease and disclosures ensure your interest is protected on every front.


Prior to handing the keys to the tenants, we always make sure your tenants carry renters’ insurance so there is coverage for any liability caused by the tenancy.


Before tenants move in, we will conduct a 126+ checkpoints move-in walkthrough with the tenants to document the condition of the property. That way, there is no dispute on which damage is caused by whom at the time of tenant move-out.


On every 10th of the month, we will direct deposit your rent, less any expense to your bank account. Yup~~~ We know it feels good to wake up with more money in your bank account.

At the end of every month, we will send you a statement showing all of your incomes and expenses.


In January, we will file 1099 forms with the IRS for your rental income and for any vendor we paid on your behalf so that you are always compliant. You will also receive an income statement for the previous year so your tax professional can file your tax in a snap.

Now you have a pretty good idea of what the Cal Agents can do to make you a happy rental owner. Join our happy client club today!

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