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Cal alumni special: save $3k to $10k+ in closing costs

Cal alumni special: save $3k to $10k+ in closing costs

Being Cal alumni has many benefits but most of us aren’t aware or don’t take advantage of them. But you really don’t want to miss this one. This special is probably the highest dollar value perk for being Cal alumni.

Here at the Cal Agents Realty, we take pride in being Cal alumni and we take care of our own. If you or your spouse is a Cal grad or faculty or staff, and we represent you to purchase a home, we will credit $3k to $10k+ to your closing cost. In simple term, you will have an additional $3k to $10k+ in down payment, contributed by our brokerage. The exact amount will be determined by the value of the home purchased.

What’s the catch? You might ask. There is none. The simple truth is, at the Cal Agents Realty, we make effective use of technologies to efficiently handle a lot of the real estate paper work, saving us time and passing the saving you. We will educate you about real estate, help you find the home that fits your lifestyle, negotiate hard on your behalf, and help you close the deal, with sweet saving in your pocket!

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Lex Shan

Lex is a real estate broker, real estate developer, entrepreneur and technologist. He has started an architectural design firm, real estate development private equity fund and California's largest real estate 3D marketing company.

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