5 Things to Avoid if You Plan to Sell Your Home

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When you’re preparing your home to go on the real estate market, every decision you make can affect how much profit you ultimately put in your pocket. Avoid these four common mistakes that can make your home less desirable to buyers and drain dollars from your profit.


1. Don’t turn off your irrigation system to save money.

This move is penny wise but pound foolish. Turn it on instead. A lush, green lawn will seem inviting to potential buyers. Dead, dry grass, not so much. Money can buy new nursery-sized plants to add color, but it can’t buy a nice matured lawn.


2. Don’t start a fight with your neighbor.

Your neighbors can do a lot of damage during your open house. It’s important for sellers to maintain a positive image during the open house and in front of buyers. You don’t want a disgruntled neighbor bad mouthing you to potential buyers, portraying a dishonest, greedy image. Even if you are perfectly in the right, many buyers could still be scared away by a potentially troublesome neighbor.


3. Don’t install customization.

National Association of Realtor’s study shows customization like a pool, sunroom, sauna are among the improvements that yield the lowest rate of return. You want to make the space look bigger, not smaller, and you run the risk that potential buyers won’t like the customizations you chose.


4. Don’t adopt a pet.

You will be surprised by how many buyers and sellers are allergic to pet dander. A house full of allergens will definitely make them think twice. If adopting a pet can wait, wait until after you sell the house.

5. Don’t improve your home without consulting a Realtor.

It’s a good idea to exercise his/her design muscle once in a while, but NOT before selling you home. Real estate trends change very few years. Talking to a local Real Estate agent first ensures the improvements you do will add to your bottom line when you sell. Sometimes, what bothers you the most in the house may not bother the future buyer. If your home is in the San Francisco bay area, you can always contact us for an free consultation.

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