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Here’s how to Celebrate Thanksgiving with a TWIST!

Here’s how to Celebrate Thanksgiving with a TWIST!

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most awaited holidays in the nation. Every year, it is celebrated on the  4th Thursday in November. This year, it will be on November 28th. 

The celebration is historically attributed to the event when the English colonizers held a feast to thank the Native Americans for helping them start their new lives in the US. For most Americans, Thanksgiving is a day for “Blessing of the Harvest,” where people take the opportunity to celebrate their gratitude for everything they have received during the preceding year. 

Aside from a feast, there are many other ways to celebrate Thanksgiving creatively to give it a nostalgic and meaningful vibe. Below are the emerging trends that some families started to do–consider giving it a try! 

Put up a Thanksgiving Tree.

It’s a cute idea to introduce a new version of a Christmas tree on a Thanksgiving Day. Only, this is not your usual adorned tree with dangling toys and ornaments all over. On a colorful notepad, you may ask your loved-ones to write about their treasured blessings this year, which they are grateful for. Consider using scented colorful notepads or artistically cut paper sheets to write on. And then use these notes as your decoration for your Thanksgiving Tree!


Be prepared, Turkey or Not.

The turkey is the most coveted centerpiece on the tablescape!  As the center of attention, it deserves to be the star that it is! However, some may still complain that it’s not very tasty. If a traditional Turkey is not your thing,  try having it deep-fried. Vegan? No worries! There are a ton of vegan alternatives out there! Vegan mac-n-cheese, pumpkin pie, pizza…yes, please!


Ask opinion about a financial decision

So you’re with the most important people in your life. If you’re on the brink of jumping into a big financial decision, this is also an opportune moment to seek an opinion from your mentors who know better. Even real estate companies would tell their clients to think a hundred times before obtaining a property. It would be a pleasant bonding activity to brainstorm with your trusted family members whose interest is always for your own good.


Virtually connect with loved ones.

Thank goodness for this Thanksgiving Day, we are entitled to another rest day from our daily hustle and bustle. If at this time, you can’t still afford to meet your family, you may create time by hosting an online party. All you need is technology in order to reach your loved ones, even if they live in far-flung corners of the world.

Be the reason of others’ Thanksgiving

There are social activists who opt to use the day for a responsive activity to promote sharing and caring. If you want to celebrate Thanksgiving with a cause, then you can be the reason for others to be grateful in their lives. You may choose to organize or get involved in an event that intends to light up the lives of the disadvantaged ones even just for a day. There are many institutions out there that await for your presence. Homeless shelters, soup kitchens, Turkey Trots…the possibilities are endless! Here are a few additional ideas for your soul! Volunteering not only gives back, but it is also fulfilling. Start a new tradition with your family today!


Binge-Watch with Your (fur) babies

Imagine the feeling of binge-watching in a soft and comfortable bed with your baby, as in literally your child; or your partner whom you call ‘baby’; or your fur babies who have been missing cuddle time a lot! Wow… more than Thanksgiving, this is also your Comforting day!


Create tablecloth into a Keepsake

So you have eaten with the fambam and you’re thinking in advance about something nice to feature again next year. Notice that white tablecloth you used? It’s a good canvas to consider for your family members’ creativity. So, bring out those colored pens and other art materials, and paint a picture of how you spent Thanksgiving this 2019. And, surprise everyone with it in 2020.


Try bowling with pumpkins

Just for fun, try to experiment playing games and be kids-at-heart. Bowling with pumpkins is not that hard. It only requires 10 water bottles and a pumpkin to unleash the fun!



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