Tired of Same Old California? Then It’s Time to Experience Emeryville!

If somebody arranges the cities in California according to their impact on tourists, Emeryville won’t be anywhere near the top spot. As a small city located in Northwest Alameda County, travelers might consider exploring other nearby cities like Berkeley and Oakland instead of staying in Emeryville. But Emeryville holds many magical spots once you experience its beauty. It houses some attractions that will leave a lovely stamp on your memory.


  • Emeryville Marina
    For someone who wants to stay near the city yet still aims to relax and feel the beauty of the bay, Emeryville Marina is just perfect. This marina is unique from other marinas because it has a public park where you can have an ideal view of the Golden Gate Bridge during sunset. There are various restaurants in the area, but you can also do a picnic if you opt to.  
    Photo by Emeryville Marina


  • Bay Street
    If ever you need something from the mall, Bay Street is the place to be. There are a lot of retail shops, theaters, and even a large book store that is just walking distance from hotels.
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  • McLaughlin Eastshore State Park
    McLaughlin Eastshore State Park is a quirky park that is perfect for strolling. It is located along the waterfront with some outdoor art which is kind of weird but fun. Make sure to bring your phone and camera to capture amazing Instagram stories.
    Image Source:  goldenbearinn.com


  • Christie Avenue Park
    Christine Avenue Park is a terrific place to relax. It consists of a small dog park, a great playground, and a vast expanse of grass. This little park is so quiet, and the shade it provides will give you a break you need.
    Image Source: rdxpic.com


  • Barbary Ghost
    Barbary Ghost is a family and dog-friendly charter boat offering Bay Cruises, Stand Up Paddleboard Adventures, and Baseball by Boat in the San Francisco Bay. It provides scenic cruise under the Bay Bridge and along the San Francisco shoreline. You can pack your own food and drink and be ready to enjoy the incredible views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.
    Image Source: Yelp


  • Prizefighter
    What could be a more perfect way to cap your day other than hanging out in a cozy bar? Prizefighter is probably the best spot in Emeryville if you are looking for a place with a vibrant atmosphere and a fantastic selection of booze. Their bartender mixes perhaps one of the best Sazeracs so you might want to try it.Image Source: Yelp


  • Sportfishing
    Sportfishing is perfect if you want to experience fishing your own food from the ocean. There are several establishments that offer this kind of service, just like New Huck Finn Sportfishing. You can charter a whole boat with your family and friends. The local fishermen will gladly assist you if you need help catching the fishes and crabs that you want.
    Image Source: Cloudinary


  • AMC Theaters
    If you want to catch-up on the latest movie releases, you can just go to AMC Theaters and grab your popcorn and soda. Their cinemas are of good technical quality so you will definitely enjoy the movie of your choice.
    Image Source: Mashable



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