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Looking for a home in the Bay Area? We can help!

Buying a home can be an intimidating and stressful experience but it does not necessarily be the case! A seasoned realtor can make all the difference when you are guided throughout the whole process. The Cal Agents are easily accessible to answer all the questions you have and we leverage the latest technology to help you find your dream home efficiently.


Don’t leave money on the table when you sell!

You can increase the price of your property by investing in small renovations and staging. With dozens of projects below our belt, we know how to get the most value from the least investment.

Our AboveTheCrowd™ marketing system guarantees your home will get the most views on the Internet among all competing properties in your neighborhood!

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Not sure if the property is a good investment? Ask us!

We can assist you in locating an investment property which fits your criteria and analyzing the returns and risks. Lex Shan, the lead Realtor at the Cal Agents, owns a real estate investment company and has invested in dozens of properties in the East Bay with great success. Nikki, CPA/ Realtor, can help you understand the tax consequences in investing in a property including the rules behind a 1031 exchange.


Don’t want to deal with finding tenants and clogged toilets? Let us help you!

We lease out properties too, so we know just how many showings you have to do before finding the right tenants and how many things can go wrong after they have moved in. That’s why we want to take the stress out from owning a rental property by dealing with all that. So all you have to worry about is managing the income deposited into your bank accounts.


Look at what these buyers and sellers are saying about us!

Lex assisted us in looking for the best house we could get within our budget. He guided us through the whole process in great detail. He informed us about our chance and risk when we made every decision. Lex also helped us through the painful negotiation with the buyer when closing but we got what we wanted in the end!

by Joan and Dickson

Lex helped us buy a new property. But coming to the decision we had so much to thank Lex for. Lex took us to open houses in various locations in which he gave thorough explanation, experienced insight, practical suggestions but also left room for our individual perspective and decision making. He was always flexible to fit our needs and very patient to the process when we had to go back and forth on many details. He was very knowledgeable that made our well prepared that made the entire process smooth and fast. He also made excellent introduction to several mortgage officers that educated us a lot over the process. I have the highest recommendation on Lex and his team.

by Kathy and Gary X.

Lex was a great realtor with in-depth knowledge of Oakland, having done real estate there for many years. In additional, his experience as a real estate investor provided an invaluable perspective when looking at homes.

by Jixuan

I couldn't have feel more blessed to have Lex helped us buying our first home! Lex is very patient and analytical. He would give us a list of pros and cons for all the houses we've visited while leaving us plenty room for our perspectives. Lex is also very strategic in our bidding process, in the end he helped us succeed in getting a counter offer and saved us a good chunk of money! You won't go wrong with Lex as your agent like we did.

by Helen and Aaron

Lex educates me what to look for when I first buy a house so that I could make an informed decision. Lex is patient in the process of seeking for a house that worths bidding. Once I find the house that attracts my attention, he works with me to optimize my chance of making a successful bid. In my case, my offer price didn't outbid other buyers and I still got the house I wanted. I highly recommend Lex if you are looking for your dream house.

by Bobby

Why choose the Cal Agents?

Because we are actually pretty unique! (Like for real)

Elite Realtor, Elite Result

Many real estate agents became Realtors because they weren’t successful in their prior career. In contrast, the Cal Agents were all elites and top performers in their prior careers. The Cal Agents went into the real estate field to be the mover and shaker of the Real Estate Industry.

Invest In Clients

The Cal Agents don’t just buy and sell. We THINK and TEACH. Many agents brag about their customer services. To us that’s just the must-have and there is nothing worth bragging about. We genuinely invest time to educate our clients so they can make smart real estate decisions, not only for themselves, but also their children, for generations to come.

Life Long Relationship

Over the years, our clients have come to us for all kinds of decisions they face in lives. Whether it’s design, renovation, investment, children, career changes, starting a business, estate etc. We take pride in being resourceful and adding value to our client through different stages of their lives.

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