Do you know there are a lot of housing benefits available to veterans? The benefits include:

Better Warranty
The new homes often come with 1 year fit-and-finish warranty and 10 year structural warranty by the developer so you have one less thing to worry about.
Modern Features
Modern features such as high ceiling, open floor plan, fire sprinklers, data cable wiring, are more common in new homes. Making the them more suitable to modern lifestyle.
Energy Efficiency
New homes are required to conform to the latest California Energy Code. You will find better insulation, energy efficient windows and doors, and eco-friendly material.
Because new homes are sold around the same time, your future neighbors are often in similar life stage as you and therefore form a better supportive community.

The Cal Agents Advantages

New homes are great but they come with their own drawbacks:

  • Home buyers sitting in a sales office often feel helpless in negotiation. It’s one-against-many afterall.
  • When home buyers have no agent present, sales office often uses high pressure tactics to make buyers sign documents they don’t understand.
  • Developers takes advantage of information asymmetry to lead buyers purchase overpriced upgrades.

These situations are where having your own agent makes a huge difference.

More Upgrades
We can negotiate more upgrades than you can yourself! If we can't negotiate more than $3000 worth of upgrades for you, we will credit you $3000 at closing. That's our guarantee! No other real estate agents are confident enough to make guarantees like this. We are and we can!
No Additional Cost
There is absolutely no additional cost to have the Cal Agents represent you when buying a new construction home. The seller will NOT lower your price even if you don't bring a real estate agent. There is nothing to lose but a lot to gain when having the Cal Agents represent you.
Protect Yourself
Developers and sales offices are notorious for taking advantages of home buyers (often first time home buyers) with high pressure tactics like wait lists and limited availability. The Cal Agents will protect your interest in every step of the way and keep the office in check.


In order to take advantage of the Cal Agents' offering, you have to register the Cal Agents as you agent when you walk into the sales office the FIRST TIME. Otherwise, we the sales office will bully you to accept that they are representing you and there is nothing we can do after that.


Do I pay commission to bring a Realtor?

No. Realtor commission is always paid by the seller/developer. Bringing us in to represent you will not cost you additional. More importantly, you won’t save money by NOT having us either. Why? Because you are a consumer in their office, it’s like defending your case without legal counsel in court – you are at disadvantage.

How is the new construction buying process different from existing homes?

California Professional Codes regulate new homes sales as well as existing home sales. New home developers are required to disclose more information about the site rather than the history of specific home (because it doesn’t exist). If the home you are buying is yet to be built, builders normally have 1 year from the execution of the contract to build and deliver the home to you. 2-3 months before delivery of the home, you usually get to choose the finish material such as tiles, flooring, cabinet and countertop styles. Whereas in the case of existing home, what you see is what you get. Existing home sellers don’t modify their homes to fit a buyer’s taste.

Are builder upgrades worth the money?

It really depends which upgrades. Part of our value is to help new home buyers decipher which upgrades are worth the money, which ones are overpriced and what the cost of adding them after-market is.

Do I have to use the builder's preferred lender?

No. You don’t, but it’s recommended. Because of economy of scale, the preferred lenders usually offer $1000 to $5000 credit towards the buyers closing cost, such as title insurance, escrow fees, loan processing fees etc. This offer is hardly matched by outside lenders.

Where can I find new construction projects?

The Cal Agents have a dedicated research team to gather the latest new homes on market. Start searching at the map below or check them out here.


The Cal Agents have a dedicated research team to gather the latest new home information in one place for you, so you can stop searching on other national portals cluttered with existing home listings.

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