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Reginald Hairston

Property Manager at The Cal Agents

Although homeownership is considered ideal by many, Reginald—also known as Reggie—appreciated that he grew up as a renter because it gave him an insight into how he views and approaches renters in the industry. Now a property manager, owner, and EBRHA member, Reggie continues to approach his residents based on the philosophies he learned when he was growing up.

He pursued a degree in analytical theory and rhetoric from UC Berkeley. To this day, people ask him how and why he ended up in property management after acquiring his rhetoric degree.

“You need to know how to talk to people,” he said about the industry.

Shortly after graduating from college, a friend persuaded him to become involved with property management and real estate, and he eventually went into property management in the nonprofit sector. 

During his time in the nonprofit sector, he learned to relate to each and every one of his residents in a manner that gave them respect. 

In 2000, Reggie joined an organization in San Francisco that gave him an even further perspective of the industry. He managed properties in affluent and higher-end areas in San Francisco, as well as what he considers more challenging areas like the Tenderloin neighborhood.

In 2009, several years after becoming a property owner, he joined the Berkeley-based JU Properties management company, which found value in Reggie’s ability to communicate with people from different backgrounds. Today, JU Properties owns and manages more than 300 units throughout the East Bay. 

Reggie recently got involved with the EBRHA Political Action Committee and plans to do so in the future.

Reggie also spent time in Africa as a volunteer with his church in 2000 and continues to give back to the “Better Africa Foundation,” where he volunteers to improve housing situations and bring solar light to 1,000 families in African communities.

“At the end of the day, I have the pleasure of knowing that at some point, I’ve helped a family secure a place they can call their own,” he said about his job as a property manager. “I enjoy that I’ve assisted people in giving them a place to cry, smile, and strategize for the next day.”

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