April 2017

5 Ways Construction Projects Go Wrong – Not Seeing the “Small Pictures”

If you have been shopping around for contractors for your remodeling project, you must have come across some "big picture" contractors. Essentially, they promise they can deliver the bathroom you want as long as you "point and show" them the layout. "I have done so many projects; I get the big picture," they'll say. However, few contractors want you to think in "small pictures." Let me explain. You...

5 Signs of Bad Listing Agents You Should Avoid

Selling your home is a monumental undertaking that requires a lot of attention to detail. From creating the listing to helping potential buyers see your home in the best light to handling the details of the transaction, your agent will be intimately involved in the process. This means it’s important to find not just any agent but the right agent. Your agent should not only have your best interests at...

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