August 2022

Is this the right time to buy a house?

Will House Prices Drop Significantly, And What Does That Mean For You?

A looming slowdown The national housing market is sending signals of a slowdown, including in the Bay Area. As I mentioned in my last blog post, the real estate market fundamentals are changing very fast, and I want to keep you well informed to adapt to these changes.  The trends are changing. More homes are available for sale and potential buyers now have increased negotiation power. In San...

San Francisco Bay Area Market August 2022 Update

July is the first month in the recent ten years when all counties median home prices dropped compared to the previous month. In June's data, Solano was the only one that managed to maintain a 1.5% gain Is the economy in recession? The technical answer is yes. It's a widely accepted standard that when the GPD shrinks for two consecutive quarters, it's considered a recession. Why? Why? The answer has...

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