March 2021

How does COVID 19 impact my rental property?

If you follow real estate news, I am sure you have read the bay area home prices are growing in double digits even during the COVID 19 pandemic. The home affordability problem is exacerbated while people are most vulnerable. Fortunately, home sales is only one side of the housing equation. The other side of the equation, the rental market, is far less talked about. Rent is reduced 15-20% across...

The Bay Area Real Estate Demand Surges as COVID-19 Eases

Spring season is the time for families to hunt for a home of their dreams, bid, and purchase elusive and usually expensive properties in the Bay Area. But not this year! Even during the coronavirus pandemic, home buying and selling have picked up long before the spring surge. The Bay Area real estate is a hot property where buyers are restless and eager to take advantage of the current low-interest...

San Francisco Bay Area Market February 2021 Update

San Francisco Bay Area Market March 2021 Update

San Francisco Bay Area Market March 2021 Update With the daylight saving spring forward and the warmer weather, it definitely feels like we are out of the winter season completely. The real estate numbers seem to reflect the same. Sales volumes and prices are up in almost all counties in the Greater Bay Areas with just a few exceptions. Listings are still flying off the shelves and they are going...

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