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San Francisco Bay Area Market August 2021 Update

"August is like the Sunday of Summer." -- Kelly Dwyer Growing up, I didn't particularly like Sundays because it meant that the next day will be Monday--a school day. Now, as an adult, I love Sundays! I get to spend time with my wife and daughter. Then, the next day, my week resets and I [...]

San Francisco Bay Area Market July 2021 Update

We are already halfway through summer! I'm here to bring you an update on June's market activity. Inventory Trend First of all, let's check the inventory trend. According to the data collected by the California Association of Realtors, the Bay Area housing inventory is hitting an all time low at 1.4 months of supply in [...]

San Francisco Bay Area Market June 2021 Update

California has officially re-opened! We saw a lot of ups and downs this past year and the housing market was no different. Now that it is summer time, are you staying in town to shop for a new house or joining the crowd for some "revenge travel"? For those of you who chose to stay [...]

San Francisco Bay Area Market May 2021 Update

The first day of the summer solstice for this year will be on Sunday 6/20, which happens to coincide with Father's Day. As we approach the official summer date, here's how the Bay Area housing market is looking. As prices continue to climb 10%, 20% and even 30% year over year, many of you may [...]
San Francisco Bay Area Market April 2021 Update

San Francisco Bay Area Market April 2021 Update

If you are in the market for a home in the bay area, you are definitely one of the better offs. As prices continue to climb, a bright prospect of more and more of the economy opening up, this year's Spring housing market is expected to be quite hot. Data from In California alone, [...]