November 2019

thanksgiving ideas

Here’s how to Celebrate Thanksgiving with a TWIST!

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most awaited holidays in the nation. Every year, it is celebrated on the  4th Thursday in November. This year, it will be on November 28th.  The celebration is historically attributed to the event when the English colonizers held a feast to thank the Native Americans for helping them start their new lives in the US. For most Americans, Thanksgiving is a day for...

diy landlords

3 Things That DIY Landlords Skim On But Professional Property Managers Don’t

Imagine that you’d just acquired a new investment property. Managing your rental seems easy enough, so a lot of people do it on their own. They will take photos, list their property on rental sites, schedule interviews, conduct interviews, and background checks. First time landlords are usually on a tight budget and do not have the means to hire a professional property manager--so, can’t blame them...

black friday shopping

You’re Not Going to Enjoy Black Friday Unless….

Planning to shop this Black Friday? Well, you are not going to  enjoy shopping with a sea of people if you mindlessly put your moolah to unplanned purchases. Savvy sellers are keen to drop their prices during the shopping season because they know that consumers are psyched to splurge and save on buying material things. Since this practice is a common scene in the marketplace, you have to learn the art...

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