5 Easy Steps To Selling Your Home Fast

Life is unpredictable Life is constantly changing, throwing us curveballs, and challenging our assumptions. The same house we thought we would live in until retirement or until our children are all grown up might need selling. And fast! There are many reasons for this to happen. Some are positive, for example, a great job offer in another City or State or a business opportunity far from your current...

Home office

Is your home ready to become a permanent workplace?

Working from home is here to stay.  Working from home was already a growing trend before the pandemic. And with it,  the growth of remote workers has been exponential. Fully remote and Hybrid (work-from-home and office) workers were estimated to be 60% of all American workers at some point in 2021. And with COVID contagions up, more people are still working from home…and some will never go...

April 2020 Market Statistics

State of Residential Real Estate during and post COVID-19

Many people have asked me how COVID-19 is going to impact the residential real estate market. Two months have passed and I have gathered enough evidence to form a reasonable opinion on this question. Let's start with some facts I'll try to be brief here since you can find plenty of details on the Internet. From April 2020 sales data above, April sold home prices are high than a year ago, by...

American Express Merchant Financing

Is American Express Merchant Financing a Good Deal?

Disclaimer, I'm not affiliated with American Express in any way. Their financing program has its pros and cons. It may or may not fit your needs. The purpose of this article is to help our audience understand the pricing science and math behind their program. I'm not endorsing or recommending against the program. How It Works Over the last 6 months, I have received several letters from the American...

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