January 2021

San Francisco Bay Area Market December 2020 Update

San Francisco Bay Area Market December 2020 Update

"Winter is coming" no longer carries the same chill as it did as Jon Snow famously said it in Game of Thornes. This winter, the real estate market is not cold at all, at least not for single family homes. Our clients took a short break during the Christmas-New Year and came right back into house hunting in new supply of homes trickle into the market. Single family homes continue to go pending after one...

Buying a Condo

Right Time to Buy a Condo or a Real Estate Property in 2021

We are almost one year into the COVID pandemic. What has changed? What did we learn and how will it impact the 2021? Below, we looked into the buying trends of various real estate properties in the Bay Area, as well as possible future outcomes, to help you navigate these constantly changing times. Taking Advantage of Low Prices in Condos At the beginning of 2020, real estate agents were practically...

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