March 2020

ADU laws in california

How Will California’s New A.D.U. Laws Affect You in 2020?

With the purchase and ownership of real estate comes an inherent risk. These involve weather-related incidents, crime statistics, fluctuations in the local and national economy and in some cases, the passing of new laws. Such is the case concerning Accessory Dwelling Units or ADU’s in California, and it could be a very good thing for California investors and those with large lots. The main reason...

Spring Cleaning/Organizing 2020

“Spring Decluttering”. Two words that we think about every March. Let’s make 2020 the year that you actually “declutter” the effective way! Many of us will think, “that’s a good idea” or “I should do that sometime”. Don’t let it slip your mind--here are some resources to get you started. We gathered the best advice from Decluttering Expert, Marie Kondo, and here are 6 golden rules to...

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