June 2020

unlicensed contractors versus licensed contractors

Myth: Unlicensed Contractors Are Bad Guys

A general contractor is a crucial part of the homeownership, so you need to make sure you’re working with experienced professionals. Unfortunately, many people have fallen into the habit of equating “experience” with licensing when it comes to hiring contractors for home construction or renovation projects. This assumption is not necessarily valid. So, here are a few things you need to know about...

What are the things the Cal Agents do, but other property management companies don’t?

 If you go online to search for property management companies, you will find many property managers in your area. Every company claims it's the best. How do you know? Here are a few highlights on the things Cal Agents do but other companies don’t. ADVERTISING Other property management companies take cell phone shots of your units and call it a day. The Cal Agents take professional photos as...

What is it like to hire The Cal Agents to rent and manage your property?

 Are you thinking about hiring a property manager to rent out your unit? How does it really work? SCHEDULE A VISIT First, our property manager will schedule a time with you to visit your property for a free consultation. During this visit, our property manager will go through and understand your property, your pain points, identify any work items that’s needed to get your unit ready to...

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