What are the things the Cal Agents do, but other property management companies don’t?

If you go online to search for property management companies, you will find many property managers in your area. Every company claims it’s the best. How do you know? Here are a few highlights on the things Cal Agents do but other companies don’t.


Other property management companies take cell phone shots of your units and call it a day. The Cal Agents take professional photos as well as 3D WALKINTOUR to showcase your unit.

No wonder our ads receive more inquiries than others.


After each showing, thanks to 3D WALKINTOUR technology, prospective tenants can walk-through the unit many more times on their home couch with VR headset or mobile phone. Your unit is guaranteed the most memorable in the tenant’s list.

Our jobs don’t end after a prospective tenant comes to our showing. All leads will receive automatic email follow-up. Leads that showed more interest will receive a live call from our showing coordinator to remind them to apply. If they don’t apply, we will ask for feedback to help you better position your unit for new prospects.

No wonder our units are rented out much faster than competitors’.


If your property is located in a condo community, we will coordinate with the homeowners association to make sure HOA move-in procedures are observed and your tenants’ move-in won’t adversely affect other residents in the community.

Believe it or not, 9 out of 10 property management companies out there don’t bother following the HOA procedures. When managing condo units in an HOA, there will be more hoops to jump through down the road, we might as well put our best foot forward now.

No wonder the Cal Agents is the favorite management company in so many condo and townhome communities.


While other management companies rely on a 2-page checklist to conduct move-in walkthrough, the Cal Agents uses a 126+ checkpoints proprietary procedure completed with photos to document the condition of your property before tenant move-in. This way, tenants will take extra good care of your property because they know they won’t easily getaway.

Before tenants move in, our team will prepare a welcome basket of bottled water, snacks, and move-in day essentials like trash bags, detergent, toilet paper, gloves, and kitchen towels. On the move-in day, your tenants will be pleasantly surprised by your thoughtfulness. That’s how we build great relationships with tenants on your behalf, one basket at a time.

No wonder we consistently have lower vacancy and tenant turnover than our competitors.

If you are shopping for property management companies, by now, I am sure you can tell we go the extra mile for you every step of the way.

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