July 2022

Are Homeowners Going To Benefit From High Inflation?

The end of inflation is not near The end of high inflation does not seem to be anywhere near. In June 2022, the rate of 9.1% was the highest since November 1981! This increase is above the forecast of 8.6% that most economists were expecting for this year.  No sector of the economy is untouched. Food, construction materials, and energy prices have gone through the roof. The majority, 71% to be...

San Francisco Bay Area Market July 2022 Update

The tide is turning. It's becoming more apparent that the seller's market will turn into a buyer's market for the foreseeable months in 2022. June is the 2nd consecutive month where month-over-month sale prices dropped across almost all counties in the bay area. As more media coverage about the home price dropping, more sellers will go into this panic mode and want to put their homes on the...

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