October 2020

San Francisco Bay Area Market September 2020 Update

San Francisco Bay Area Market September 2020 Update

We are set to expect a warmer than normal winter for the real estate market. Traditionally, real estate activities in the November, December and January months are about 1/4 of the normal months. This year is different. Based on the September and the other forward looking indicator, we expecting the winter months to have 50%-60% more listings than previous year. If you are in the market this winter, you...

How to Sell Your Home During a Pandemic this Holiday Season

Choosing to sell your home is always a big decision, but doing so during a pandemic might be even more difficult. In such a scenario, multiple health and safety concerns—and possible economic distress—may be layered on top of the typical market conditions you’ll consider before making the final decision to sell. Demand for housing is still incredibly strong, despite the hit to the economy, and...

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