American Dream

Renting vs. Buying: A Personal Journey Through Life’s Stages

This month, we delve into the timeless debate of Renting vs. Buying and explore how these choices are strongly linked to your age and marital/family status. Whether you're a tenant looking for the perfect place to call home or a potential homebuyer considering your options, read on for valuable insights.       The freedom of renting Youthful Flexibility: For those in their 20s and early...

Can You Rent And Still Achieve The American Dream?

  The cornerstone of the American dream Owning your own home has historically been seen as one of the main lifetime achievements of Americans. This perception is accurate for Americans of all ages and ethnicities that make this great nation.  The most recent data reveals that 66% of Americans live in homes they own. That is impressive compared to other rich countries such as Germany (49.5%)...

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