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You’re Not Going to Enjoy Black Friday Unless….

You’re Not Going to Enjoy Black Friday Unless….

Planning to shop this Black Friday? Well, you are not going to  enjoy shopping with a sea of people if you mindlessly put your moolah to unplanned purchases.

Savvy sellers are keen to drop their prices during the shopping season because they know that consumers are psyched to splurge and save on buying material things. Since this practice is a common scene in the marketplace, you have to learn the art of shopping to avoid wasting your hard-earned money.

Here are some tips that you may want to consider for your Black Friday shopping adventure:


Stay focused – Have a clear vision of what you really want or need. Stick to that goal or else, you might end up buying the things that you hardly need while the essentials are not obtained. Black Friday sales happen only once a year and–it is a rare opportunity and we should maximize it in the best way possible.


Have a mental note of your budget – For some reasons, the “-ber” months seem to excite people to indulge with their wish list. We have to keep reminding ourselves though that we need to be extra cautious with our spending if we don’t want to end up accumulating extra debt. Black Friday shopping is fun if we can afford to buy the things that we want. But if we know that we’re living from paycheck to paycheck, think again.


Prepare a back-up plan. – ‘Time is gold’  may sound a bit cliche, but that’s still the golden rule across all events in life. Having a plan B is a sign that you know how to maximize your time. When you do your purchase on Black Friday, have a list and make a game-plan.


Don’t settle – In our desire to save money, there are occasions that we would opt to buy the cheaper items, only to regret later because we got a product of poor quality. Cheap is not always equivalent to value for money. Consider cost-efficiency over fake savings. In other words, do not buy something because it is “a good deal”.


Get ready for the ‘warfare.’ – If you are going to brave your way through a live Black Friday event, be prepared.  Wear something comfortable because you will be doing a lot of walking and standing… So it’s best to wear something that allows you to move freely.  Don’t forget to bring snacks and water, too. You will be running for hours on end.

Shop cyber Friday or Cyber Monday. – Historically, physical stores were the only ones offering Black Friday deals. Then came Cyber Monday. Nowadays, many businesses are taking advantage of the shopping season. For example, in the real estate industry, they are also joining the bandwagon of creating price slashes for their properties. Whether you are looking for an investment meant opportunity, new home or simply want to sell, check in with your local expert to see what they have in store for you.


Consult with someone who knows better. –  When we want to buy something, we sometimes consider the nod of approval of someone whom we respect and trust. The reinforcement that they give us somehow communicates that we are doing the right decision. So, if there are important things that we need to purchase, consult an expert.  Start with reading reviews and asking your family/friends for their opinion.


Being a wise consumer means doing your research before purchasing something, and knowing exactly where your money is going. This means that you should always search for a good, reliable product that’s reasonably priced.


Are you a smart shopper?

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Lex Shan

Lex is a real estate broker, real estate developer, entrepreneur and technologist. He has started an architectural design firm, real estate development private equity fund and California's largest real estate 3D marketing company.

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