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California’s Transition To Electric Vehicles And The Future Of Your Home’s Garage

California’s Transition To Electric Vehicles And The Future Of Your Home’s Garage
What is the future of the American garage?

California leads the nation

Our state is leading the nation again! The state enacted legislation banning the sale of gas-powered cars and trucks after 2035. The motivation of this law is to reduce the emission of gasses that contribute to climate change. 

We expect many other states to follow California in this monumental change. The implications for supply chains, retail commerce, and housing development are enormous. The year 2035 is only about 4,500 days away, so homeowners must start taking action now if they want their properties to be ready for that date. 

Major changes will follow

During the 20th and 21st centuries, the internal combustion engine shaped American cities and homes. The massification of the gas-fueled automobile created the need for wider highways, and suburbs started growing. As a result, a dense network of gas stations sprung up to service all those cars and trucks. 

The American garage is a natural extension of this 20th-century transportation revolution. As soon as cars became a staple of middle-class life, vehicles started getting their room to protect them from the environment and facilitate boarding and off-boarding adults, children, and grocery bags. 

The cradle of big American companies

Soon garages started getting other uses. Many homeowners decided to place washers and dryers there. Other family members with high entrepreneurial spirits used that space to start a business, some quite successfully. Some of America’s biggest companies started in a garage.

Electric vehicles (EVs) get charged by plugging into the grid. Charging can happen either at a station or at a residential EV charger. Homeowners driving EVs prefer having their private chargers filling up vehicles overnight. Although the garage might seem the logical place for an EV charger, drivers must consider some technicalities before making that choice. Therefore, most cities in California have issued requirements to issue residential installation permits. 


Adapting to change

Condos and multi-family housing face unique challenges in this EV revolution. Chargers may be exposed to the elements and require more maintenance. HOAs and condo boards will be involved in the installation process. And as the 2035 deadline approaches, EV-compliant homes and condos will have buyer preference in the real estate market. 

At The Cal Agents, our team includes property management and real estate professionals who closely follow the trends of the housing market and its ties with the overall economy. In addition, our sister renovations company, 6Hammers can help you with EV charge installations that meet all requirements and match the aesthetics of your home. As a result, we can help you in this historic switch from gas to electric transportation, increasing the value of your home and the quality of your life. 

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