How to Avoid a Lousy Tenant?

If you think that finding a tenant for your vacant property is your ticket to a happily ever after, think again. Landlords have diverse range of horror stories about professional tenants who rip off one landlord after another. They seem to be the kind of people who are without a conscience, deliberately failing to pay their rent on time causing financial losses to property owners. The worst part? These tenants keep getting away with it.

Problem tenants are creative with their ploy. They avoid properties with on-site management, such as apartment complexes. They are well aware that these property types have scrutinizing procedures in place and that such standard procedures can get them rejected. So, they prey upon people who are not as experienced with property leasing. What do they do? They simply put forward their best selves so that they can make themselves look trustworthy. Once they have gained your trust, then they are in.

Do you know the practices that attract problem tenants? They look for unprofessional-looking rental ads, properties where there are no rules to qualify for a lease, properties with poor curb appeal, as well as long-term vacancies.

So, what should you do?

Professionalize Your Rental Ad.

Just because you are active on social media does not mean that you can properly handle advertising. Your rental ad must be detailed in that it possesses a clear description of the unit, professional photos, an accurate depiction of the neighborhood/community, etc. It must also let applicants know that they are subject to a tenant background check.

Charge Fairly.

Charging the right rent communicates competitiveness and fairness. Research the current rental market and see what similar properties are renting out for. Keep in mind that charging low does not always mean that you will win the race. And sometimes,  On the other hand, charging high rent could be your bait to finding a problem tenant.

Do Not Communicate Long-Term Vacancy.

Long-time vacancy signifies a landlord’s likelihood to settle their terms to whatever the problem-tenants’ dictate. Quit mentioning about your property’s prolonged vacancies, such as rental ads or ad histories, scruffy for rent signs, unkempt yards, or ads that show price reduction. Position your property as a premium location and unit that appeals to everyone.

Refuse to be Involved in their Drama.

Listen to their stories, but be critical rather than emotional. Ask questions such as, “Why are they moving?” The tenant’s answers are clues that can reveal their true colors, especially when it comes to their opinions about their current landlords.

Hire a Third Party to Pre-qualify Applicants.

Every landlord deserves to know what kind of applicant they are dealing with and to take steps to protect their investment. It’s alright to outsource the job of screening your tenants to give you less of a headache. After all, we want quality tenants for properties that we have established from our sweat and blood.

The Cal Agents have dedicated staff to handle credit check, landlord reference check, and employment verification. They would track down those references and ensure that the candidate qualifies. On top of that, their screening process is in compliance with the fair housing act and anti-discrimination laws.

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