7 Fall home maintenance tips for the Bay Area

Fall is upon us! The temperature took a huge dip this week and the fog is starting to roll in to stay. Here are a few home maintenance items that you can do to get your home ready for Fall/Winter.

Clean and inspect your fireplace

Fall/Winter is all about cider and hot cocoa by the fireplace. Like many, if you haven’t used your fireplace in the Spring/Summer months, then you should get it inspected before you use it for the first time. Ensure the fireplace and logs are dust-free, open the flue damper and check the chimney cap.

Maintain your heating system

HVAC systems require routine maintenance in order to keep them running smoothly. Set a reminder to get the air filters changed every 3 months. This will help with your seasonal allergies as well. You don’t want to allow your filters to get dirty because it will disrupt the air flow within the home.

Keep the warm air inside 

With the colder weather coming your way, you’d want to keep the warm air indoors! Make sure that there are no cracks or gaps that could allow your cold air inside through the windows, doors, and siding. If you do see some cracks, simply replace the weather stripping or apply fresh caulk to prevent drafts.

Sweep and clean

Who doesn’t love autumn foliage? As long as those leaves are not clogging your gutters! This is important because it prevents rot, ice dams, and water damage. During high winds, leaves, sticks and other debris can get stuck in your gutters and block water flow. While you are up there, check your roof for any damaged shingles or tiles and have them repaired as soon as possible.

What about the yard?

If you have storage space, move your outdoor furniture to the garage or a storage unit. You will extend the life of your beloved furniture pieces. Talk to your landscaper or gardener about fertilizing certain plants during this time. Some plants need some extra TLC to prepare for colder months ahead.

“Orange” you glad it’s Fall?

Pumpkins, flannel, bales of hay, more pumpkins, wagons, cinnamon brooms, candles, hot cider, candied apples, pumpkin spice lattes, more pumpkins…those are just a few things that scream AUTUMN! Now that your house is prepped, let’s orange it up at home!

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