How to Reinforce your Door Entry to Keep Your Home Safe from Burglars

More than 2 million households are being burglarized every year according to the Federal Bureau of Investigations in which half of the cases are by force entry. Reading this statement is one thing, but seeing it with your own eyes how easy it is to kick open a door is another.


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Installing a solid, high-quality, and expensive door may still not be a guarantee that your homes will be safe from unauthorized intrusion. Reinforce your door entry with one or two of these inexpensive solutions.

Replace the 1/2 or 3/4 inch steel screws with 3 inches longer screws

It’s standard practice by those who want to replace the smaller screws that come with the prehung standard door for a tiny bit more safety.

You may notice there is one screw missing on the jamb side of the hinge. This is where you can put the 3″ screw which will penetrate the stud behind the door frame. There is nothing wrong with putting in all 3″ screws in every single hole.


Install a large steel strikes plate

Use a long and large steel strike plate to keep your door more secure. The strike plate is installed on the door frame and contains a hole that catches the latch or bolt that extends from the lock. This is where you should use the 3” steel screws.

Use Door Reinforcement Lock

For additional security and upgrade, this high-security door lock is a spring-loaded reinforcement lock that protects against unauthorized entry by preventing lock bumping and lock picking while in the locked position. This lock is designed to withstand at least 800 lbs. of force, and cannot be opened from the outside.



Now you have seen with your own eyes how easy it is to kick open someone else’s door, and how easy it is to reinforce yours, where can you buy these products in the video? 


Worry not, the Cal Agents have you covered.


Here are product samples and where to buy:


-Longer steel screws:

Home Depot: #10 x 3 in. 6-Lobe Flat Head Deck-Drive DWP Wood Stainless Steel Screw (180-Pack)

Amazon:  Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXS62714 Type 17 Point Deck Screw Number 10 by 3-Inch T25 Star Drive, Stainless Steel, 5-Pound Tub


-Strike Plates:

Defender Security U 9480 Door Strike, Accommodates 5-1/2 in. to 6 in. Hole Centers, Steel, Brass Plated

Prime-Line 6″ Max Security Deadbolt Strike Plate Strengthens Door Jambs U 9535


-Door Locks:

Home Depot: Strike Master II Door Frame and Hinge Reinforcement

Defender Security Gold Anodized U 10826 Door Reinforcement Lock

U 10826 – Brass Plated Door Blocker Entry Door Stop

AmazonBasics Door Reinforcement Lock – 1-Pack, Oil Rubbed Bronze

How to Install:


The Cal Agents use strike plates and door reinforcement locks in their own homes. We practice what we preach!


The Cal Agents recommend you use all three, the 3” inches steel screws, large strike plates, and door lock, for a far better upgrade and will turn your front door into a fortress. Now you can sleep better at night because you can be sure that nobody’s going to bust your door down.

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