Treat Your Neighbors’ Eyes with Halloween Home Decor Tricks

It’s that spooky time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner. Pumpkins, black & orange, fun-sized candy bars, cinnamon, candles. Excitement is in the air and getting dressed up and being silly is going to be totally cool and acceptable just for one day. Is your home ready to attract the crowd’s attention?

If you’re selling your house, this is an opportune moment to decorate it in a spooky light. The more creative it is, the better. But, too much spending is not necessary because there are ways to effectively present your home in a stunningly scary fashion. Read on.


Remember that Google is your friend for your instant search.

The advent of the internet helped us to learn a lot of things in one click or swipe. So, there’s no need for you to whack your brains for creative design inspirations. Just add the word “Halloween” on your Google keyword search and you’re way to go to your own haunted house advertisement. Remember, Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to anything DIY and event decorations.


Prioritize outdoor decoration.

If the budget is tight, focus on decorating the part of the house that can generate a bigger impact on viewers. We call this “wise spending.” After all, we don’t usually invite strangers inside our abodes, right? Putting the best decorations at the exterior of our houses is considerably a good marketing strategy.





Don’t buy all items in one store.

Consider this: if you will purchase all your craft items in one store, chances are, you are limiting yourself from the brightest design concepts. Worse, you may be getting items that cost much higher compared to those that are sold by other shop owners. So, create time to scan online and physical stores for best Halloween decoration deals. It always feels better to get crafty when the art supplies are not scarce.


Check around the house for items to recycle.

You may want to bring out your old toys or dig up your stock room for pieces that can be transformed into Halloween figures. Refurbish them or create different monster-toys out of them! Upcycling is a green way to repurpose old items and to get your creative juices flowing. You’d be surprised how they could perfectly accentuate your haunted house. Check online for different DIY Halloween-inspired creative crafts.


Keep safety in mind.

Above anything else, safety should be a priority. Glittering lights and fire may look nice, but if mishandled, it could create chaos and we don’t want that. Consider safe alternative materials over hazardous ones. Always check the plugs and wires and make sure that they are safe for indoor/outdoor use. Consider proper spacing for your Halloween art pieces to make sure that they won’t attract any accidents. We don’t want to put all our efforts down the drain for unexpected and unwanted emergencies.


Don’t Forget To Clean Up

Be quick in dismantling your fancy haunted house right after Halloween. We don’t want to make our potential buyers smell rotten pumpkins and see torn decors after several days that the spooky neighborhood party has passed. Let’s put our homes back to its originally neat sellable look as soon as we can.

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