How To Communicate With A Property Management Company When You Need A Repair


When you rent where you live, your landlord is usually responsible for maintenance and repairs under California law. Many landlords use a property management company, such as The Cal Agents, to provide their tenants with solutions to those needs. 

In our experience, when it comes to requesting repairs or maintenance from a property management company, effective communication is key. Here are some best practices for tenants to follow when reaching out to their property management company:

  1. Use the established forms of communication only: when you sign the lease, ask the property management company for their official communication channels for maintenance. Keep them handy, and only use those emails, phone numbers, etc., when needed. 
  1. Be Clear and Specific: When describing the issue, be as clear and specific as possible. Provide a detailed description of the problem, including its location within the property. Include relevant information like error messages, unusual sounds, or other observations that may help the maintenance team understand the issue better.
  1. Prioritize Urgency: If the repair or maintenance issue is urgent and poses a safety risk or significant inconvenience, communicate this clearly. If the situation threatens your health or safety, be sure to convey the situation’s urgency to your property management contact.
  1. Keep Records: Record all your communications with the property management company. Write down every instruction that you receive from your contact.
  1. Provide Access: If the repair or maintenance requires access to your rental unit, cooperate in providing access to the maintenance team. Coordinate with the property management company to schedule a suitable time for entry, ensuring that you or someone authorized to represent you is present during the maintenance visit.
  1. Be Respectful and Professional: Maintain a respectful and professional tone throughout your communication. Avoid using offensive or aggressive language, as it may hinder a positive resolution. Remember that the property management company is responsible for addressing the issue, and maintaining a cooperative relationship is in everyone’s best interest.


At The Cal Agents, we believe that the relationship between landlords and tenants needs to be fair and harmonious. To achieve this, we have a complete team of professionals dedicated to unit repairs and maintenance. You can read here the many 5* reviews this team gets from landlords and tenants. 

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