What is a Buyer’s Agent and Do You Need One?

What Is a Buyer’s Agent and Do You Need One?

Imagine driving by a new development in your desired neighborhood. Nearby, there are good schools, well-maintained parks, grocery stores, streets perfect for morning strolls in a neighborhood adorned with cute little shops and cafes. Such is the dream life. Curious as to what these homes look like on the inside (and if it is even something that your single-income family can afford), you stop and visit one of their model homes. You are immediately greeted by a well-dressed and friendly agent in the sales office. She offered to show you around and handed you with some materials to look over. You toured the property and you loved it. After much deliberation, you decided to make the jump to purchase your dream home. You were promised a laundry sink and pendant lights amongst other attractive upgrades. You were told that everything will be transparent and that you will be able to communicate directly with their agents and builders–what can go wrong?

Well, many things. To start, did you know that you can bring in your own (trusted) agent despite the fact that they have their own sales office–without any additional cost to you? Sure, their sales team is designed to work directly with the builders. However, will it be in your favor? Do they have your best interest? The answer may or may not be “yes” depending on their working relationship. As if caring for a toddler and newborn is not stressful enough, you now have to deal with miscommunication (or lack of), issues such as delayed closing, troubles with negotiating, the hassle of back-and-forth conversations, etc.

Case and point, we were able to step in and help Betty and Tim, a young couple with two adorable children, move into their dream home in the city of Dublin. They picked their dream home and were initially very excited. Unfortunately, the sales office over-promised, but under-delivered. They were upgraded to a complimentary laundry sink, the chance to customize their home, and a move-in date of mid-October. Perfect, right before the holidays. No. Weeks after they were in contract, they discovered that the laundry sink was not installed and many of the options were no longer available—all before they had a chance to schedule time to meet with the design center. Conveniently, when we asked for a resolution, the agents at the sales office blamed everyone, but themselves. When we found out (last minute) that we were not going to get the keys until days before closing, we helped negotiate a $3,000 closing credit. The design center at the new development also urged my clients to upgrade new hardwood floors through the builders, but we were able to find an outside vendor who got the job done in time AND saved them $10,000! In addition to helping them save thousands, we also saved them time by referring various vendors (Painters, Landscapers, Handyman services, etc) so that they can focus on enjoying their new home instead of running around getting quotes from different vendors. 

Next time, before you set foot into the sales office of a new development, contact us and see how we can represent you! Many developers will not allow for you to bring in your own agent after your first visit or registration. Don’t miss out on getting someone who will look out for your own interest without any additional cost! Give us a call today at (408) 219-1728 or visit us at www.thecalagents.com!


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