Is Winter A Good Time To Move?

Moving is part of life in America

Statistics reveal that moving is part of being American. For example, in 2020, 8.2% of all Americans moved from one primary residence to another. That is about 27 million moves!

There are significant seasonal trends to moving. For example, 40% of all moves occur in June, July, and August. Conversely, only 5% of moves happen in November and December. The reasons for this difference are weather, the school year, and not wanting to move during the holiday season. 

Sometimes you need to move when you need to move

Unforeseen circumstances may force you to move during the winter. For example, relocations, changes in marital status, or just wanting to improve your housing conditions make it necessary to start searching for a new home and a move during the Winter months. 

If that is your situation, focus on some advantages of planning a move during the winter. 

  1. There will be less competition for the condos or homes you want. Your competitors might have decided to wait until the spring or summer to move. 
  2. You will have some additional negotiating power. Landlords hate vacant properties, for they do not collect rent. You might get better terms and conditions from them if you are willing to move during November-December. 
  3. Moving costs are cheaper, and personnel is more available. In addition, moving companies are less busy in this period than in the warmer months, so it will be easier for you to get a better budget from them. 

When visiting a property you are interested in, do your best to imagine it in the summer months. For example, schedule visits around 6 PM so you get a better idea of what natural lighting you will get later in the year. And feel free to ask questions that might seem irrelevant during the winter, such as air conditioning, lawns, and gardens. 

We help you in winter, too

At The Cal Agents, we strive to create a harmonious relationship between tenants and the landlords that we represent. No matter what season you need to move, you deserve a fair, warm, and welcoming transition that we will be delighted to facilitate. 

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