Stay Cozy and Save: Energy-Saving Tips for a Chilly Bay Area Winter

As the cooler months approach, we at The Cal Agents want to ensure that our valued San Francisco Bay Area customers stay warm and comfortable without breaking the bank on energy bills. With a few simple adjustments and mindful habits, you can make a significant difference in both your comfort and energy consumption. Here are some energy-saving tips to help you make the most of the upcoming fall and winter seasons.


  • Seal the Gaps: Check for drafts around windows and doors. Even small gaps can let in cold air and cause your heating system to work harder. Use weatherstripping or draft stoppers to seal any leaks and keep the warm air in.

  • Optimize Your Thermostat: Adjust your thermostat settings for the season. Aim for a lower indoor temperature during the cooler months when you’re not at home or sleeping. Smart thermostats can help you create a heating schedule that matches your daily routine.

  • Utilize Natural Heat: Use the sun’s warmth during the daytime by opening curtains and blinds on south-facing windows. Close them at night to trap the heat inside.

  • Layer Up: Instead of cranking up the heat, layer up with sweaters, blankets, and cozy socks. You’ll stay warm and reduce the need for heating.

  • Cook Smart: Use the oven and stovetop strategically. Cooking or baking can generate heat, so plan your meals accordingly. After cooking, leave the oven door open to let the heat circulate through your kitchen.

  • Unplug and Turn Off: Many appliances and devices consume electricity when unused. Unplug chargers, turn off lights when you leave a room, and consider using smart power strips to simultaneously cut off power to multiple devices.

  • Check Your Water Heater: Lower the temperature to 120°F (49°C) or the “warm” setting. This will save energy and prevent scalding.

  • Consider Energy-Efficient Lighting: If you still use incandescent bulbs, consider switching to LED or CFL bulbs. They use significantly less energy and last longer.


By implementing these energy-saving tips, you’ll keep your home cozy during the cooler months, reduce energy consumption, and save on utility bills. At The Cal Agents, we’re committed to helping our customers make the most of their rental experience so you can enjoy a comfortable and cost-effective winter season in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. 


Stay warm and stay green!

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