Perks Of Hanging Your License With The Cal Agents

A demanding career choice

As a career choice, real estate is very demanding. Not only do you have to manage many essential details. You also have to mix your needs with those of your customers and the brokerage firm you work for.

Realtors learn that there is little you can do about customers. Each home seller and buyer are different and have very particular needs, schedules, and situations that professionals need to adapt to if they want to close a deal. Technology allows for the automation of some business processes, but building a personal relationship with customers is still critical for success in this industry. 

Choose the right company

Choosing the right real estate company to work for is very important for Realtors who want a satisfying work-life balance. If you are a Realtor, you want a team that understands the daily challenges and helps you achieve high customer satisfaction. 

The Cal Agents is precisely that kind of company. We have a prominent presence in the market we serve to provide an attractive income for hard-working realtors. But we are not so large that your and your customers’ needs get lost. 

The company services growing and exciting communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. This part of the country is where the tech industry is based. And this industry attracts many high earners from the rest of the country and abroad. 

A solid team

The Cal Agents was founded by two graduates of UC Berkeley, Nikki Lui, and Lex Shan. From the start, they had the vision of creating a real estate brokerage combining highly personal service to customers backed up with technological solutions that bring certainty and fast response to every step of the deal. 

Nikki and Lex achieved that vision by gathering a team of highly trained professionals that share the same passion for customer satisfaction. In addition, to further support The Cal Agents realtors, a group of sister companies provides highly specialized support in architectural design, real estate photography, digital marketing, and renovations. The Cal Agents never face any challenge alone, and we are indeed a one-stop shop for all things real estate. 

Many happy employees

Katy Liang, one of our agents, compares favorably working for The Cal Agents vs. her previous employer. She says, “There are many things I like about The Cal Agents more than Redfin. One is that Nikki is amazing and knowledgeable; I have learned a lot and continue to learn from her. We grow and work together, and I love the constant conversations and check-in in the chat. Finally, since we are a small team, the schedule and work are very flexible, allowing me to continue with my other commitments”.


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